The Four C’s of Marketing

Knowing where to start with your marketing can be tough – there are so many options out there.  By implementing an integrated marketing strategy you can combine multiple marketing channels to communicate one powerful message to your end client.

When you’re looking at how to create a fully integrated marketing strategy, you can sum this up with the four C’s.

We’re going to use an example of an end client ‘Joe’ who is interacting with your business on Instagram and also on your email database to demonstrate how the four C’s work.

The Four C’s

1. Consistency

You need to pick your primary message and continually reinforce it.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re doing this know your brand and what your regular messaging, design, and calls to action are.  This is key to your end client getting to know who you are and keeping you front of mind.

Take Joe:

If you have a consistent brand design, Joe will eventually know that it is an Instagram post by you before he even realises that it’s you that has posted it.  He will begin to recognise you in the marketplace.

2. Coherence

Your messaging needs to meaningfully connect across every medium you’re using.

It’s vital that your messaging makes sense no matter how your clients are accessing it.

Take Joe:

Joe is interacting with you on Instagram and also receiving your email newsletter, you need to make sure that he is receiving the same message through each channel and that you’re not confusing him.

3. Complementary

Your messaging through one channel should enhance your messaging through another channel.  If you get this right, you have a strong message!

Take Joe:

Joe saw your Instagram post advertising your long weekend sale.  Joe then received your email newsletter with an additional 10% off coupon for newsletter subscribers in the long weekend sale.  These channels have complimented each other and solidified in Joe’s mind that he should make a purchase in your long weekend sale.

4. Continuity

Your messaging should be connected through time.

You will confuse your end client if you are constantly jumping from one message to the next.  Your content doesn’t need to repeat from one medium to the next, but it should always build on your messaging.

Take Joe:

If you’re selling food products and posting delicious food pictures on Instagram that Joe is seeing, then in your email newsletter you’re talking about a long weekend sale for Umbrella’s, your messages are not connected.


By using the 4 C’s of marketing as the cornerstone for your marketing strategy, you can ensure that your messaging is strong.  The upside of this is that all channels are all working together to convert followers into clients. When your messaging is strong, people start paying attention to what it is you have to say. And if they’re paying attention to you, the world is your oyster!

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