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Facebook, we have heard it before… “Facebook is easy…you can increase your exposure and hit your target audience with the click of a button.” However, we know it isn’t all that easy. Staying active on Facebook is key and posting the right content for your business is essential in order to get your business noticed.

Cover pages are a great way to get found and seen within your follower’s news feeds. You are able to educate your followers on the most recent comings and goings of your business and can get creative doing it.

So, what about your cover photo? We recommend that you update your cover page at least every two weeks, or, every time you launch a new promotion! How often do you change your cover page? 

So, why refresh your page anyway? Here are some great reasons!

  • Highlight the special offers that are currently running within your business.
  • Educate your followers on the current news within your business (everyone loves a little inside look) and servers love a good press release!
  • Keep your page exciting, fresh, and interesting for your followers which will help spur interest and onboard new followers. The more activity your followers see, the more they are going to remember your business and its brand.

So now that we’ve convinced you to update your Facebook cover page, we also feel obliged to share with you some ‘must dos’ when creating your Facebook cover.

  • Keep the text to a minimum! You want to catch your follower’s attention, not bore them. So, keep it short and sweet-but catchy!
  • Keep the design simple. We recommend around 2-3 elements to ensure it catches the eye but doesn’t confuse it.
  • Make it fit! There is nothing worse than spending time creating a Facebook cover all for it to get cut off once you’ve uploaded it. Ugh! The measurements are 820px x 462px (you’re welcome).
  • Always add your branding and always keep it unique. You want to stand out, not blend in! For example, you can always add a video instead of an image to your cover, it’s rather cool and it can bring in more engagement to your page. Canva is a great way to do this and helps make it easy. We recommend keeping it between 20-90 seconds long.

What are you waiting for? Go and create a killer Facebook cover and get noticed!

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