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Emails, emails, emails, they exist everywhere in the business world. You love to hate them (especially when there are hundreds waiting in your inbox). But the reality is they are important and a great way to communicate with your customers! 

The average person sends 40 emails a day! Crazy right? Now think about the average working year, approximately 48 weeks, that means the average person is sending around 9,600 emails per year! That’s a lot of emails, and a lot of people reading those emails. Which is why it is super important that your email signature is professional and consistent to your companies’ brand.

When you don’t have consistent email signatures true to your companies’ brand it can lead to a negative and unprofessional reputation. You don’t want your customers having a negative perception of your business all because you have a sloppy email signature, especially when it is something so simple that can make all the difference.

Hence why we have decided to put together a few tips on how to get it right!

  • Firstly, when it comes to your corporate email or is not ok! When you want to stick out from the crowd why chose something so common? You want an email address that will help your customers recognize you straight away. For example,
  • Secondly, it is important to keep your email signatures consistent within your team. For example, if you keep the design simple with their name, contact phone number, and other important details included it is simple but effective. It also makes it super easy to update in the future if need be. Including the company logo will also make a huge difference and help you become more recognized.
  • Thirdly, you want your email signature to stand out, but you also don’t want it completely taking over your email. We think the perfect size is around 600px wide 150px high (you’re welcome!).

Professionalism and consistency go a long way in business, and it can often be the finer details that make all the difference. Email signatures don’t only provide the sense of professionalism, but it also provides instant brand recognition which will help your company in the long run. Think about you personally, what companies do you easily recognize and get drawn to because of the simple professional efforts they have put in to help their business stand out? We touch a bit more on consistency here.

Taking the time to create the perfect email signature really is well worth the effort. Trust us!

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