4 tips for a kick-arse newsletter


Newsletters give you a great way to connect with your audience delivered right into their
inbox (find out more about why you could skip anything BUT email marketing) but how do
you make your newsletter stand out from the rest…read on to find out MPRE Marketing’s 4
tips for kick arse newsletters.

Start with a catchy subject line

We all know how many emails drop into our inboxes each day so to make your emails stand out
from the rest you want a catchy subject line. Something short and snappy that fits in with your
brand values. Many of the email programmes will give you tips on your subject line so have a play
around with those. It’s worth spending some extra time on the subject line to get your audience to
open the newsletter. And while we have put this tip first on the list it might be one of the last
things you do after you have developed the content of the newsletter.

Follow with some great content

So now we a catchy subject line we need great engaging content. With each newsletter think about
what your main aim is? To sell something, to promote an event, to build brand trust ? Then go from
there. Creating newsletters easily is where cascading content comes into play – chances are you
already have a great blog or social media post that can be used as the basis for the newsletter.
Bonus tip: if you create new content for your newsletter consider whether it would make a good
blog post and making it a social media post to increase the touch points with your audience. Refer
to the cascading content for more on making your content work for you.

Get the tone bang on

As with all communication to your audience keep the tone of your brand in your newsletter. It
might be light and chatty or serious and scientific. Write for your audience in your brand tone and
that applies to the subject line and images you use too. And just on images, if you are a New
Zealand brand try and use New Zealand images to connect with your audience and make your
brand more relatable. Of course, if you are an international brand or you want to look like one
using more international images is fine.

Check, check and check again

We all know it can be exciting when you get your kick-arse newsletter ready to send but don’t
forget to check it! There is nothing worse than sending out a great newsletter only to find the
crucial link doesn’t work. Digital newsletter platforms have preview functions but if it’s a new email
format you are developing it might pay to do some test emails to your team or friends and family
just to check the images are formatting correctly and text can be easily read.

Now you have MPRE Marketing’s 4 tips for creating kick-arse newsletters it’s time to stop
procrastinating and go create your very own kick-arse newsletters. If you want help with
that you can contact us.

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