Top 5 tips for surviving the festive season in business  

As the festive season approaches the excitement builds as does the to-do list especially for those in business. So this year our gift to you are these five festive tips to help your business, and you, survive the festive season:-  

Christmas is a time for managing expectations 
Here at MPRE we are big advocates of managing expectations as a general business principal but it’s especially relevant around the Christmas period. Getting things done before Christmas becomes an arbitrary and somewhat artificial deadline causing unnecessary pressure to get things done before Christmas. So now is the time to start considering if that work your customer is asking for really needs to be completed before the Christmas shutdown. 

Christmas is a time for giving 
Christmas is the ideal time to show appreciation to those around you that support your business. Whether it’s your hardworking employees, valued suppliers or loyal customers, showing appreciation at this time of year goes a long way to ensuring your New Year starts on the right foot. Because we know it can be hard to find the perfect gift we have put together a few of our favourite gift ideas; 

  • Who doesn’t love chocolate at any time of the year and the team at Matakana chocolate have an amazing range.
  • Experience gifts are easy to organise (even at the last minute) and support local business.
  • For a truly green gift you can always give the gift of nature by gifting the planting of native trees.

Christmas is a time for planning 
Many business owners find Christmas is one of the only times in the year they can truly escape from their business for a few days. Often these breaks extend into the New Year as well. If you’re planning on taking extended leave, it is important that you communicate to your staff and customers.. If your business is open but you aren’t there make sure your team can manage without having to contact you so you can really have a much needed break, The more you plan before you leave, the better your break is likely to be. 

Christmas is a time for communicating 

So, once you have done your Christmas planning it’s important to communicate to your customers and staff when you will be open for business. When communicating with your customers remember to use our cascading content process and once you have updated the information on your website add it to your social media and your next newsletter. It’s time like this that you need a good customer database to make sure you are communicating with the right people. If you need help with your database we can help. Contact us!

Christmas is a joyous time 
For the team at MPRE, one of the best things about Christmas is the opportunity to switch off, spend time with my family and enjoy time doing the things we love.  

By following our tips for a stress free Christmas you can ensure the Christmas period creates a stress-free environment for you and your workplace. It will put you in a position to move into the New Year with positive energy and momentum after you have enjoyed the festive season!! 

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