We want to fund your charity

So… you know a charity that is awesome. They may be a Not For Profit, or a Charitable trust, but they still think of themselves as a business. Kudos to you for a start. The more Not For Profit’s and Charitable Trust’s that think of themselves as such the better. Why? Because at the end of the day, profit is not a dirty word, especially when you can do more “good” with it.

Diversify or die.

Where most charities go wrong with fundraising, is to rely for the majority of their income on things like government grants. It only takes an election, or a recession, or a pandemic, (or all of the above?) and all of a sudden, your precious funding that you rely on is poof, gone. It is hugely important to diversify. If you can proportion out corporate sponsorship, government funding and other donations like bequests you can make sure that you are a bit more long-term stable. Much like in your personal life, you would invest in a house, a few shares, and maybe have your own business.

Corporate Sponsorship

We have seen some amazing impact around corporate sponsorship, using a particular marketing model and strategy we have used in the past. In one particular case our team managed to improve website visits up year on year by 20%, social channels also saw an increase with LinkedIn growing 134%, and Facebook 14%, email open rates were up on average by 59%, but the most important to note is that ALL of their audiences were VERY engaged! Did I mention they doubled their sponsorship income to over $300k? How did we do it?

Analyse your opportunity

It was simple, we analysed the opportunity for the organization, and using a very specific methodology, we were able to pinpoint a sweet spot. Each organisation is different, and it takes an expert eye to see this sweet spot, and another to implement what needs to done to achieve numbers like this.

Do you need funding?

I’m guessing that if you are reading this you might be the General Manager, Chief Eexective Officer, or Director of a Not For Profit or charitable trust. Great. We would love to help. All you need to do is to fill in this form, so we can do a brief analysis of your organisation to see if we can find that sweet spot for you. There is even a chance it wouldn’t cost you a thing. No bull, try us. Click here.

Consistency in Marketing

Boring. I know. This is probably the most boring blog I have ever written. Why? Because I know you are already rolling your eyes thinking, just another marketer telling me I need to market… more, communicate… more..

Quite the contrary.

What I am going to say is that there is no chance you are going to succeed unless you communicate well with your clients. If your business is buzzing, and you only have to talk to the five people around you. Great. You are sorted. You are also possibly the 1% of people who can do that. You won lotto in a way. I don’t recommend marketing in the traditional sense. You don’t need it.

Need more clients?

Then sorry, communication, consistently, in context, that tells a relevant story your clients need to make their decisions, is really, really important. Blunt I know – but it’s the least I can do. I don’t want you trawling the internet wondering what to do with all this marketing stuff. At the end of the day its super simple. Build a database, consistently and often. Market to those people.

How do I do basic marketing?

It’s a lot more simple than you think. Create one key piece of content and recycle it. You will save yourself plenty of time and it will get cut though. Why? Because you are saying the same thing over, through all your channels. Write a blog, use your key points as social media posts. If you want to learn more about this you can check out our blog about cascading content here.

How do I make it relevant?

This is easier than you think. What are the top 10 questions you get asked every day. Write those down. There are your next 10 months of content. Why? Because if you wrote a blog a month, emailed it to your customers, used it in your social media posts,  you  have relevant, worthy content, that’s addressing an existing need. Also if you stick to 10 months’ worth of emails, you are keeping top of mind with your clients.

But I don’t have time.

Sure, we are all time poor. I have a job, a business,  a baby and a husband. I’m writing this at 10:44pm. I get it. But I’ll only have to do this once a month and I’ll get a mile out of it. I also have cheated because I have my team implementing it all. They are awesome. If you would like to get them to implement yours too, book a call here. We can even guide you through all of the above so you don’t have to do the leg work alone.

But I can’t afford it.

If you added up your time to market including all the stressors trying to figure out why that thing didn’t schedule etc… wouldn’t your time be better spent on billable hours? I thought so too! Why not give us a call and we can chat about how to save you that time and energy! We are fast, trustworthy, easy to deal with and above all, we listen!

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